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Just Straightforward Investing

Designed for everyday people, GPS offers personalized investment advice and management to help you focus on your unique financial goals. Through economic and political analyses, and proprietary quantitative modeling, GPS turns noise into investment signals.

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Trustworthy Advice

As a fiduciary, we have and will always put your financial interest first. We only offer advice and investments that are best suited for your personal situation.


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Aligned Interests

We invest a significant amount of our personal capital alongside our investors, sharing the gains and risks together.


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Only No-Load Mutual Funds

Sales charges, transaction fees and commissions can erode returns. That’s why we use No-Load Mutual Funds.

Ongoing Research

Portfolio management is an ongoing art. We constantly monitor the economic landscape to look for opportunities in any economic climate.

Transparent Structure

We charge a fee based on the client’s account balance. The better they do, the better we do.

Discover Sector-Focused Opportunities

The Sector Rotation Fund is a no-load mutual fund managed by Grimaldi Portfolio Solutions (GPS). Combining market and political insights to move between economic sectors, the Fund is designed to find growth in any economic cycle.

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Manager TenureSince 2009
Morningstar Rating*5 Stars

Morningstar Ratings are among 238 tactical allocation funds based on risk-adjusted returns as of 09/30/2020.*


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